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Modeling software usually goes to graders, from insanely complex to a bit simple, like Google SketchUp. StarumL is one of the first and is not recommended for beginners. However, he is free and, when dominated, the results are very professional.

Key elementStarUML is an MDA module (Model for Driven Architecture) that allows users to perform very complex models. The reason is that MDA supports many important configuration variables, such as UML profiles, focus, wireframe model, NKS (extension notation), code, and MDA (function) {('reviev-app-page-desktop');});

Also very open for updates. Programmers realized that many models should be able to integrate third-party add-ons, and StarUML offers a simple and powerful additional architecture. The developers claim that while everyone can develop plug-inscompatible COM languages ​​such as C ++, Delphi, C # and VB.

The simplest part. The most popular program is the chart description, which allows you to see the total amount of your creation at a glance before its completion. As for the free simulation program, it is very powerful,but you will have to be an experienced specialist to get the most appropriate way to develop an add-on.