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TeamViewer 8

TeamViewer 8 is the latest version of TeamViewer, a free app that allows you to control the PC from a distance without enabling you to connect to a remote computer over the Internet and use it as if it were 8 local, with more options for adding teamwork. Surely, the most important thing about TeamViewer Management Console is the ability to control the remote remote support team through (function () {('review-app-desktop-page'). TeamViewer 8, which is work-focused group transfer files in remote control sessions that allow you to skip the session to other members of the support team In addition, you can use the group together to get customers or friends between one Count transfer and the account created by TeamViewer. Further improvementsin remote audio and audio sessions. If the connection is fast enough, you can see and hear what users see and hear, either on audio presentation or a system video.

TeamViewer is a popular and easy-to-use desktop sharing tool for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Once your friends and relatives know that you know a bit about computers, it's all. They will ask you to help regularly with a variety of technology issues as if you were in support of regular and free customers (function () {('review-app-page-desktop');});

Fortunately, you can rely on TeamViewergade your hands on you. With TeamViewer you have access to the desktop of your friends, yoursrelatives or even a client. In addition, no technical skills are needed on the remote part, making it easy to use.

As with an online desktop provider, you only run TeamViewer and ask other people to do the same. Every time you start TeamViewer, you will receive a unique session and password number that you can use to enter another user's computer. This means that TeamViewer can be used for remote computers and other users that allow you, even if you need remote support. LogMeIn is also a free daddim option

As well as showing the desktop remotely, as if you were sitting in front of you, you could also use itprogram features: an inbox chat client, file transfer tool that can record sessions and more.

This TeamViewer version is the deprived version of the licensed version of the app that has been paid and therefore does not have any additional modules and features. However, it's still a great helper if you want to repair a small problem in the remote system or show other users how to do some tasks on the computer.

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