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The House That Jack Built 2018

The story follows Jack, a serial killer, now twelve years, and depicts the murders are actually developing insane.

Directed by Lars von Trier authors: Lars von Trier (screenplay), Dženle Halund (story) stars: Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Fork Thurman [...] United States in 1970. Follow Jack very intelligent for about 12 years and present the killing Jack definition developed as a serial killer. We have the stories, the attitude of Jack, when he presents the murder of every person. As the inevitable police intervention is close, it takes more and more risks from trying to make a sketch. Along the way we learn the personal situation of Jack, problems and thoughts through the boundary of the conversation is unknown-miraculous combination of movement combinations and see the almost childish and psychopath. The house that Jack built has dark and gloomy stories, still conveys the story of philosophical and funny sometimes.

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