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Creative Destruction

Prepare for battle This game is refreshing in a way that not only focuses on shooting, hiding and surviving. Creative destruction also benefits the creative side because it gives you strategy and builds your own strengths that protect you from your enemies. Of course, fun goes both ways, since building a base is as fun as destroying the game full of your opponent's games. Ready to hit another 100 players in this game. Initially, all participants will jump in a flying taxi to the island. Yes, you read it right! Instead of a normal plane, the parachute lands from a flying taxi. It may be a fun twist, but the real fun begins when the battle begins. There are scattered and scattered weapons in the area, so be sure to thoroughly search the environment. Also be more alert in case there are other players nearby. After all, you don't want to die so early in the game. The advice I can give you is to walk through the farthest corners of the island so you have plenty of time to collect the strongest weapons and build your defenses. There is a large selection of weapons and if you are asking for your personal favorite, try your best to get Bazooka so you can destroy many buildings and blow up your enemies at the same time! (Function () {('check-application-page-desktop');}); The game is about building Now, the real hero of this game is its building feature, and the things you can create here are endless! From defensive obstacles to high strengths, Creative Destruction allows you to fully enjoy this function. Defensive obstacles are really huge shields that hold your enemy's bullets. In addition, there are times when you literally have to go to another area building bridges. Platforms can also be done if you want to place yourself in a high field where you can benefit from shooting in lower positions. Creating is an important factor to consider if you want to win the game, so you must think carefully and make wise decisions before building buildings that are useless for funky Royale. Playing Creative Destruction can remind you of Fortnite with its cartoon graphics and construction features that most real games have no battle. The difference is that it does not have the horror tones of other survival games, and decided to get closer to the light with its colorful elements and game effects, so do not wait for blood flows to flow. It does not promote violence and death as much as other shooting games. In essence, creative destruction is here just to bring fun and excitement. He wants to make his users feel the hustle and bustle of the battlefield while receiving rewards.