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Inception 2010

The robber who makes the corporate secrets that he shares with American creators succeed in implementing the idea that the CEO thinks of.


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Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page | Dom Cobb is a qualified filmmaker, completely reappearing in dangerous art, steals the deep secrets of subconsciousness into a dreamy state, incubates the weakest minds. Cobb's poor capability is a player with a world-class corporate spaceIt has become an excellent one, but at the international level it also escapes everything it loves. Cobb now has been redesigned. The latest work can restore your life, but if it is impossible, start it. Instead of getting better, Cobb and his team experts have to go back: the task is not stolen, soak up. If successful, it could be a great attack. But great planning or experience can not prepare a team to predict all movements for dangerous enemies.Only Cobb came to the enemy.