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For an artist or graphic designer or even an amateur who just wants to play around with some artistic tools, one disappointing thing is launching a larger program. Adobe and other major software companies are so sophisticated that most artists need expensive software products at one time to do amazing work. But it's not that important with software such as Krita Desktop, which gives you all the free access to powerful color software.

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Desktop loans were developed by a team that provides free tools for a variety of tasks. As a result of many volunteer and paid jobs, they have created objects such as Krita, an open source graphic illustrator. The power of this freeware program cannot be underestimated, as it can do many things that competitors and many more can do. All the obvious options are available, such as line drawing, brush size, pallet and cut / copy, including construction features such as layers. One addition to Kritas - the brush stabilizer, which offers three ways to automatically draw lines while drawing - is a great honor for many artists. There are several custom styles for brushes or brush motors. The most important thing is that you can import brushes and textures from other artists that include open source collaboration with this software. Offering straight lines and elliptical assistance, fast reflection, vector layers, closures, etc., the program is powerful.

In strength and still growing

Krita Desktop offers many of the same functionality as their main competitors. For example, you can attach and open a panel by moving it to create the perfect working environment. The interface is sleek and simple, with minimalapproach to Adobe Photoshop. Small strokes, like shortcuts to favorites, indicate that people who use the software have thought a lot about it. This is further confirmed by the right-click pop-up palette, which is a smart way to quickly access the tools and colors you need most. You will be amazed at the level and quality of this software as it is free. With the spirit of open source software, it is also compatible with the file extensions of many major brands. Installation is also relatively straightforward, downloading 64-bit or 32-bit packages. Older versions are also available if the development process causes problems.

Artistic program of art

Krita Desktop is a great choice for standard color packaging. While some features may be missing or very difficult to understand, they are quite close to the software you know. It has many features and very strong features so it's perfect for struggling artists. You can pay for the project, but otherwise you can download and use it.