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Sonma Typing Expert

Sonma Typing-Expert is the app for Hindi/English speakers who wish to improve their typing fluency across both languages. With the different alphabets in use, it can be difficult for bilingual typists to type quickly and accurately in both languages, even if they are fluent when speaking and it WorksSonma Typing-Expert addresses the difference between the standard English QWERTY keyboard and the Hindi digital keyboard; the disparity can slow internet use and typing, and this program aims to enable users to practice their skills. The program consists of exercises to improve fluency. These exercises progress in difficulty from the typing of letters to word groups and then simple and complex sentences. Users can change between languages and exercise types with a mouse click, and the program records statistics on accuracy and speed to allow users to gauge their performance and improve their scores. These statistics can be printed with the user's name at the top to aid job applications. The program also allows users to manually set the duration of tests to allow them to set goals for (function() { ('review-app-page-desktop'); });ConclusionThe difficulties experienced by bilingual individuals having to adapt to different keyboard types is seldom considered, so it is fortunate that Sonma Typing-Expert has been developed that addresses this. While this programme is simple, it works well in improving keyboard speed and accuracy across languages.