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Virtual Piano is a free programme that provides users with a virtual MIDi keyboard. This means that they are able to play the piano on their computer simply by using a mouse and spend hours on end playing sweet music and practicing new songs or even making up their own compositions. Embrace a New Way of Making MusicOne of the great things about this programme is that it can be connected to other MIDI instruments so that different musicians can play together. The possibilities for this are almost endless and range from simply playing with other people for fun at home to staging concerts for a wide range of different types of audiences to enjoy. the programme is easy even for beginners to get to grips with making it suitable for musicians of all ages. It should be noted that Virtual Piano does not allow users to record the tunes they have created which is a clear flaw that is sure to turn off true musicians. (function() { ('review-app-page-desktop'); });Could You be the Next Beethoven?Despite its obvious limits Virtual Piano is fun and easy to use. However the fact that users are unable to record the songs that they create means that this programme is only really suitable for people who want to practice playing the piano and not those who are into making and sharing their own music.